General Trading

Nexa General Trading is a leading wholesaler in the electrical industry, specializing in low voltage switch gear, PLC systems, and wiring accessories. Weoffer a wide range of high-quality electrical products from renowned brands such as Schneider, Siemens, BG, ABB, Sick, Autonics, Mitsubishi, LS, and more. Our comprehensive product line ensures that we can cater to the diverse electrical needsoffer a wide range of high-quality electrical products from renowned brands such as Schneider, Siemens, BG, ABB, Sick, Autonics, Mitsubishi, LS, and more. Our extensive portfolio ensures that our clients have access to the latest and most reliable electrical solutions in the market. In addition to our expertise in the electrical sector, we also cater to the home decor industry. Nexa General Trading offers a luxurious range of Nexa furniture, customized blinds, and curtains to enhance the aesthetics of any living space. Our home decor accessories are carefully crafted to reflect elegance, style, and functionality.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of home automation technology. Our intelligent home automation systems allow homeowners to conveniently control various aspects of their living environment, including lighting, temperature, security, and more. By incorporating smart technologies into homes, we aim to simplify and elevate people’s lives. Operating in the Middle East and Africa, Nexa General Trading has established a strong presence in the region. With our vast network of suppliers and strategic partnerships, we ensure that our customers receive prompt and reliable service, regardless of their location.

At Nexa General Trading, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to understanding our clients’ specific requirements and providing tailored solutions that meet their needs. We continuously strive to exceed industry standards and set new benchmarks in quality and customer service.

Whether you are in need of reliable electrical products, luxurious home decor accessories, or cutting-edge home automation solutions, Nexa General Trading is your trusted partner. Contact us today and experience the professionalism and reliability that sets us apart in the market.


“At Nexa General Trading, our mission is to be the leading wholesale supply unit in Dubai, serving as a trusted source for high-quality electrical, home decor, and low voltage switchgear products. We are committed to delivering excellence to our customers by offering a comprehensive range of reputed brands, with a special focus on Schneider. Our dedication to exceptional service, reliability, and innovation ensures that we meet the diverse needs of our clients, while contributing to the growth and success of the industries we serve.”



“Our vision at Nexa General Trading is to become the preferred partner for businesses in Dubai and beyond, seeking reliable and efficient solutions in the electrical, home décor, and low voltage switchgear sectors. We aspire to be the cornerstone of success for our clients, by consistently offering top-tier brands like Schneider, maintaining the highest standards of quality, and fostering enduring relationships built on trust and collaboration. As we continue to thrive in the heart of Dubai, we envision a future where Nexa is synonymous with excellence, setting the industry benchmark and driving positive change in the market.”

These statements reflect Nexa General Trading’s commitment to its core values, its position as a wholesale supply unit, and its dedication to serving its customers in Dubai’s competitive market, with a focus on reputable brands like Schneider.